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Bomba y Plena, de la Playa al Batey

Acrylic on Watercolor
15" x 11"
Collection of Melinda Gonzalez

This piece takes the traditions of Bomba and Plena, associated mostly with the coastal towns of Loíza and Ponce respectively, in Puerto Rico, and brings them to the batey. Bateys are the ceremonial grounds of the Taino people. Featured here are the grounds of the Caguana Ceremonial Park in the mountains of Puerto Rico, near Utuado. I visited the site just six weeks before having created this piece. Also pictured here are the distinct hills whose forms are reminiscent of the 3-pointer cemí of the Taino people. The sky includes the Puerto Rican and Lares flags, with their original sky blue color. The Lares flag is included not only because of its significance in Puerto Rican history but also because the town of Lares is a short drive from this ceremonial site. I was inspired after having visited both places on the afternoon of Septemeber 24th, 2002, 1 day after the 134th anniversary of the revolution known as El Grito de Lares. (See Betances in the political gallery).

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