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Oil/ collage on canvas
x 32"

This is one of several unstretched canvases that I painted as a Puerto Rican flag. The title is taken from the commentary on the top portion of the canvas, where the word "Estadista" is inverted, stating my opposition to the statehood movement. On the right side of the canvas is a portrait of Albizu Campos addressing a crowd of striking laborers. He holds up a pava, a straw hat representing the Puerto Rican jíbaro or farmer. To the left is a little boy standing in front of a collaged image of a crowd of Latin Kings. The little boy represents my cousin who learned of the political history of Puerto Rico during his involvement with a similar gang. It serves as a commentary against our failing education system. Our youth now turn to gangs to find themselves and learn their own histories. I wanted to create a juxtaposition of how young Puerto Ricans were educated in the streets in the 1930's by listening to Don Pedro's speeches and how now in the urban streets of the US they turn to gangs. The Taino fertility symbol in the center refers to the massive population control campaign launched in Puerto Rico by the US colonial administration, resulting in the sterilization of 1/3 of women of child-bearing age at its height. Also depicted here is an image of the four Nationalists being arrested after their attack on Congress in 1954 (See Independence Day). I once had the pleasure of exhibiting this painting at an activity honoring Rafael Cancel Miranda, one of the Nationalists who participated in that act. My greatest honor was to have had the opportunity to share this image with one of the individuals who inspired its creation.

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