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Miel de Abeja (para Ochun)

Acrylic, feathers on Canvas
24" x 30"
Collection of the Center for African and African American Studies
University of Texas, Austin

Miel de Abeja or bee's honey is usually offered to Ochun by her devout followers. Ochun is the orisha of love and riches and is known to win people over with her beauty and sweetness. In this portrait I decided to use colors that reminded me of her sweet honey so that the water and her skin glow in its color. Also used is yellow, Ochun's color. Ochun's force manifests in sweet waters such as rivers. Here she stands in river water with her hands across her chest, embracing herself and enjoying the tranquility of her domain. She is adorned with 5 gold bracelets, a necklace of yellow flowers and a crown with 5 peacock feathers.


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