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Sin Miedo
(Para Lolita)

Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 18"
Collection of Luivette Resto

Although this image seems to be a detail of the Independence Day piece, it is an entirely separate painting, created 5 years after the first piece. I have always been struck by the look on Lolita Lebrón's face in those infamous photos of the Nationalists' arrest outside the capitol during their protest in Washington in 1954. I wanted to paint something that would capture that fearless look. This is also where the painting gets its title.

Pictured here is Lolita Lebron being held by two police officers. Her suit is painted a vibrant yellow and the dark blue of the officers fades into the background with the lower part of their bodies becoming prison bars. These bars end just before they reach Lolita's feet, symbolizing her eventual release from federal prison (though she served a long 25 years) and the fact that she continued to be active in the cause for independence till her last days. In the background, on the upper portion of the painting, I've included the following text known to have been part of a letter found in Lolita's purse on the day of her arrest:

Before God and the world my blood calls for the independence of Puerto Rico. My life I give for the freedom of my country. This is a cry for victory in our struggle for independence....
I say that the United States of America is betraying the sacred principles of mankind with its continuous subjugation of my country, violating our right to be a free nation and a free people with its barbarous torture of our apostle of independence, Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos. I take responsibility for everything.