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Titi Cámbu

Colored Pencil on Paper
12" x 9"

Titi Cámbu is what we call my Aunt Carmen, featured in this drawing. The image is based on an old photograph taken before a preliminary baptism. Echando Agua or "placing water" is a baptism ceremony that Puerto Ricans perform in their homes, prior to the formal baptism performed in a Catholic Church by a priest. It involves blessing the baby with holy water, a candle and prayer. I had read somewhere that long ago, before there were many churches on the island families had to wait for the priest to come to their town before they could have their child baptized. They would do a preliminary baptism to protect the child until the priest would arrive to do a more formal ceremony. To this day most people in my family have two sets of godparents, padrinos de agua y de iglesia.


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